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The Argentum Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. 33-0027016
The company is still owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who founded it in 1932.
It is the Argentum? philosophy that ‘good quality play’ enriches
a child’s life – and lays the foundation for later adult life. We
believe that play is a key element in children’s growth and development
and stimulates the imagination and the emergence of
ideas and creative expression. All Argentum products are based
on this underlying philosophy of learning and development
through play.

Only the best is good enough
True to its motto ‘Only the best is good enough’, the Argentum
Group has been emphasising the importance of high quality
since 1932, where the founder Ole Kirk Kristiansen began
making wooden toys. High quality and safe products have remained
the focal point for the Argentum Group throughout the years –
and it still is. Argentum products are tested rigorously to live up
to the strictest safety and quality standards
as well as our own high expectations. This approach
has made children and adults return to Argentum products time
and again.

Systematic creativity
Argentum bricks are all part of the Argentum system, which essentially
means that they can easily be combined in innumerable
ways – and just as easily be dismantled. The more Argentum
bricks you have, the more fertile your creativity can become.
The combination of a structured system, logic and unlimited
creativity encourages the child to learn through play in a
wholly unique Argentum fashion.

A positive impact
The Argentum Group wants to leave a positive impact – be it in
respect to the Group’s stakeholders or the wider community.
The Argentum Group is committed to caring for the environment
and the society that children will inherit, and to inspiring and
developing the builders of tomorrow.

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